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Our Policies


Dye Test Policy

Effective August 1, 2012, all properties being serviced by the Clairton Municipal Authority must pass a routine DYE TEST in order to be sold. A dye test is required on a sale of property.

The plumber’s fee is $200.00.  The dye test application fee is $25.00.  The no-lien letter fee is $15.00.  Send one check totaling $240.00 to:

The Clairton Municipal Authority
1 North State Street
Clairton, PA  15025

Once The Clairton Municipal Authority has received payment, contact one of plumbers listed on the Authorized Plumbers List to schedule a dye test.  Once the property has successfully passed the dye test, the Sewer Certification Letters will be issued to whoever paid for them.  If the property does not pass the dye test, the owner must perform the necessary corrections as instructed by the authorized plumber.  Once the corrections are made, the owner must recall the plumber and reschedule another test (at no additional cost).  If the property successfully passes the recheck, then the Sewer Certification Letters letters will be issued and mailed.


Download Dye Test Certification Instructions and Authorized Plumbers List (PDF) and the Certificate of Compliance Request Form (PDF)



Shutoff / Delinquent Account Collection Policy

If an account is past due, the Clairton Municipal Authority can have the water service to the customer terminated (through Pennsylvania American Water).  Prior to termination, the customer will receive a 10-day shutoff notice.  If the total amount owed on the account is not paid in full by the due date listed on the notice, the property will be posted by the Constable and within 72 hours of the posting, the water service will be terminated.  At every step in the collection process, additional fees for the notices and delinquent fees are charged to the customer’s account in accordance with Clairton Municipal Authority Board resolutions.  A 5% penalty fee will be assessed on the past due amount of the bill in addition to an interest charge of 0.83% per month.



Downspout Policy



Grease Trap Policy

Download our Fats, Oils, and Grease Policy (pdf)