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Billing Department

For questions regarding your sewer bill, please contact:

Billing Department Telephone: 412.233.3180

Billing Office Hours:
Monday thru Friday
10:00 am until 3:00 pm



Billing Rates

  • Residential Customer $30.00 flat rate plus $8.00 per thousand gallons.¬† Note: a 5% penalty will be charged and monthly interest rate of 0.83% when paid after the due date.

  • Commercial Rate $100.00 flat rate plus $8.00 per thousand gallons

  • Industrial Users $50.00 per EDU plus $8.00 per thousand gallons

Payment Arrangements

The Authority's customer service employees are empowered to enter into payment arrangements with customers whose accounts are not more than 90 days in arrears. Such agreements will apportion the amount in arrears over a period of time, adding an amount to the sums billed for current service. Eligibility and the amount of the payments shall be determined by factors such as:

  • the customer's payment history
  • the amount and duration of the account's arrearage and
  • classification of property - residential, commercial, industrial, health or education

A customer who enters into a payment arrangement and thereafter complies with the terms of that arrangement will not be subject to termination of service or collection proceedings.

Customers who have had previous payment arrangements and have failed to pay the amount due per the schedule in the payment arrangement shall not be given a payment plan.

The first payment on the payment plan is due upon execution of the payment plan and should be at a minimum 25% of the amount in arrears.

We accept cash, check and money orders.

Need Additional Assistance?

The Clairton Municipal Authority Hardship Program, funded by the CMA and the City of Clairton, assists eligible CMA customers who are in threat of termination or who have had their water service disconnected as a result of non-paymnet of their sewage bills. For detailed information and guidelines, download CMA Hardship Program (pdf).

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